What are the benefits of a sustainable reform of IWT?

With a viable inland water transport sector, Ukraine may dispose of a highly efficient transport mode, requiring hardly investments in infrastructure; in a very short period of time, free capacities of the Ukrainian river system, comprising river ports, terminals and viable connections to intercontinental trade via the seaports, may be added to the saturated and costly infrastructure networks of rail and road.

In particular the industries and the agricultural sector will profit from the opportunities offered by the inland waterway transport. But we should not forget the shipbuilding industry as well, Ukraine had a long-standing experience in this area, whereas today it has hardly a versatile inland navigation fleet; the country is best placed to build its own and new fleet.

Apart from a reinforced economy and improved competitive position of Ukraine in the markets where the country should realize its profits, the citizens will remark the return of the river system in their environment for recreation and pleasure, whereas the modern focus on this system will certainly contribute to greater awareness of the ecological value of the river basins.

Most importantly - a legal and regulative reform based on EU standards will enable investments in fleet and terminals, improve transparency and contribute to level playing field for the economic actors; moreover, the alignment to European standards and good practices will lead to synergies on market development and integration of technology for the inland waterways.