Inland Waterway Transport in Ukraine
Let’s make the rivers great again!

What is IWT?

Inland waterway transport plays an important role for the transport of goods. It represents a competitive alternative to road and rail transport. In particular, it offers an environment-friendly alternative in terms of both energy consumption and noise emissions. In addition, inland waterway transport ensures a high degree of safety, in particular when it comes to the transportation of dangerous goods. Finally, it contributes to decongesting overloaded road networks in densely populated regions.

The European Commission aims to promote and strengthen the competitive position of inland waterways in the transport system and to facilitate its integration into the intermodal logistics chain.

Assistance for Dnipro Transport Development

Improving the legal and regulative framework

Contributing to increase the capacity of the Ministry of Infrastructure and related institutions

Developing the Ukraine IWW Transport Development Strategy 2020-2030

Assisting the Ministry of Infrastructure to revitalize the IWT sector in Ukraine



Potential Waterways

Ukraine has of potential inland waterways


Actual Use

But actually uses less than 10% of its river freight transport capacity


In Comparison

Less than 1% of total freight traffic, compared to and average of 7% in the EU

Main Stakeholders