The Key Objective

The key objective of the EU financed Assistance for Dnipro Transport Development Project is to assist the Ministry of Infrastructure to revitalize the IWT sector in Ukraine in line with the EU legislation and best practices.

With deep inland waterways expertise and worldwide experience, the team helps drafting the new Law on IWT in compliance with EU standards, drafting of secondary legislation and upgrading the capacity and capability of the different public IWT functions of various governmental entities, required for a good functioning of the IWT sector.

Our solutions are designed to be integrated and form complete IWT systems while we heavily emphasize quality, safety and reliability.

Equally important support is being provided in the preparation of Ukraine’s IWW Transport Development Strategy 2020-2030, to indicate among others, the required public investments.

As the journey towards a sustainable reform of the inland waterways sector accelerates, we can proudly say that there has never been a better opportunity for the Inland waterways transport to become a serious alternative mode of transport in the Ukrainian economy.